about us

Welcome to Dwarka Impex a specialized business entrepreneur based in Jodhpur (INDIA) offering worldwide buyers a Vast & Unique Range of Indian Furniture (made in Sheesham i.e India Rosewood, OAK, Accacia, Mango & Teak Wood ), Old & Indian Antique Furniture, Indian Ethenic Furniture Handicrafts, Accessories. We Strive at all times to supply the absolute best in our products at a modest price without the sacrifices of quality. We deliverd our unique craftsmanship, handcrafted products in Hardwood like sheesham, accasia, and mango wood, having a Antique, Heritage, Sophisticated Rustic, Hard Solid Look. Our furniture brings a dynamic sense of fashion into living space whether it is a modern studio or a historic home. We always update our furniture with luxury features and we keep ..